I am a graduate of the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming course at the University of Derby, I’m currently awaiting my final results, but am predicted a First or a high 2:1.

History / Achievements

During my final year and continuing now, I’m working on a Windows Phone 7 mobile phone project, you can read about the updates here: http://1houraday.wordpress.com. I’ve released one game on Windows Phone 7 already, which met with critical acclaim and has had over 36k downloads overall (Free/Trial and Paid).

During my placement year I worked at We Are Colin, you can read about my experiences HERE. It was an iPhone development company, and we made 4 titles within the year and a half. Gravity Runner was the most successful, with WordSearch Rush coming in a close second.

My Game Design game, Googly-Eyed splitters, was showcased at Game City in Nottingham in 2008 at the University of Derby stand along with 2 other students work, people could come in and play the game as they wanted and lots of people enjoyed it!

I have also worked 3 weeks as a Junior Programmer in a project for BBC Blast, it was a paid job and i gained a lot of useful experiences from the project such as working in a team ran by a project manager and working alongside other programmers and artists, communication was vital.

During the First year I participated in the Imagine Cup 2008 Game Development competition and my team was the only UK team to come in the top 20 ranks of the world out of around 600 applicants.

Here are some video’s and links to some of the Games, Projects and other applications that I have created:


Code Sample

You can find a code sample, and executables for my Advanced 3D Graphics Programming and AI Techniques from this link here. I have a sample of C++ code from the AI project I did, and a sample of my GLSL Fur Shaders from the Advanced 3D Graphics project.

Code Sample Download Link

If you have trouble accessing this, or would like more sample code, drop me an e-mail at daveleverton8@gmail.com

Final Year

Video Game Middleware

This is a play through of my final game created using multiple middleware technologies:

And here is the Middleware that I created for this module, a quick demo of it working:

Advanced 3D Graphics Programming

This is my Fur Rendering that I created for Advanced 3D graphics in my first semester of the Final Year at the University of Derby. Find out more about this module here.

AI Programming Techniques for Games

This is my ‘Sensor Grid’ algorithm for finding dynamic cover that I did for the AI Programming module in my first semester of the Final Year at the University of Derby. Find out more about this module here.


University Placement at We Are Colin

During my placement year for University, I worked at We Are Colin making iPhone and Xbox Live Indie games. Read up about all the games created and my experiences in this blog post:


1st + 2nd Year

Applied Game Development – Scorched Wings

This game was created as part of the Applied Game development module at University during the end of the second semester. Find out more about this module here.

Imagine Cup – Recycleator

Find out more about this game, how the project ran and about the whole process of the Imagine Cup Here

Game Design – Googly-Eyed Splitters

Find out about this game which i created in Game Design Module, also download my Game Design Document and also the game from Here.

Introduction to 3D Graphics – 3D Software Renderer

Find out more about this 3D Renderer and the problems I faced in the Introduction to 3D Graphics Programming Module Here.

BBC Blast – Pieparazzi

Find out about how we work together as a team and what this project was all about Here

Game Development Techniques – Unreal Total Conversion

Find out about the Game Development Techniques module in which I created this game and what I have done in this module Here.

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4 Responses to “Portfolio”

  1. Anna

    Good day! It’s 2011 and I’m wondering.
    Have you graduated? 🙂
    Since there’s no date in your posts.

    • Dave Leverton

      Hey Anna,

      Nope, I’ve not graduated yet, but I will be in a couple of months!

      Is their any particular reason why you are wondering? =)


  2. Shai

    Hey Dave,

    Loving “Tap Splosion”! Hating how addictive it is though 😛
    I have been wanting to find a way of suggesting something, wasnt sure how to though. Should I do it here? Or would you rather I sent you privately?

    • Dave Leverton

      Hey Shai,

      Glad you’re liking the game =). Feel free to give me any idea’s / improvements in the comments, or you can email me privatly at daveleverton8@gmail.com, it’s up to you! I don’t really mind.


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